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It's more than a name it’s a way of life. “Join the family”

FLO is a mental state only found in the moment when you can completely stop thinking and let your body completely connect to the environment (literally go with the flow). People find there FLO in many ways, for me it’s the moment you take off on a wave and turn onto that open face, or when I do a workout that makes me connect to nothing but that task at hand. Naturally Flohana is a family of these people who seem to have the same Desires for fitness and a natural draw to the ocean.

Flohana is a surf and fitness studio where people can rent a board, take a surf lesson, do yoga, or a fitness class, and be happy knowing that they truly have no worries because they are surrounded by an Ohana of people just like them.

  • Surf Lessons & Camps
  • Beach Rentals
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Personal Training


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